A plan for the man

My Baker Creek Heirloom seeds arrived today. The was much celebration and joy and exuberant shouting. At least I felt that way. January can be bleak, so this day always signifies the climb from bleak-greyness to lovely spring greens that will hopefully find their way into my children’s mouths.

I think my handy husband likes this arrival too as it serves as the break-from-the-starting-gate for a spring project for him. The fence and gate project. We purused the internet this morning, googling “chicken wire garden fencing” and found a ton of terrific ideas and photos. I particularly like what this couple from Georgia did with their back yard garden, offering sensible ideas for an effective fence with a functional gate.

They have a great series of photos at the link above. I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste their photo here on my site, but it is worth a look if you too are thinking about resorting to a chicken wire enclosure to keep bad bunnies and good dogs out.

Now we only have to wait for Home Depot to have spring seed trays in stock. Why do they make me wait? Ah well, in the meantime we will play elevator music, and…. Here! Enjoy a nice photo of last year’s asparagus! This was the first batch. The first of three years of untouchable shoots. Sure are pretty.



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